Registered Rabbit and Guinea Pig Breeder


Guinea Pig & Rabbit Boarding is now CLOSED


Rates are:

$5 per (Short haired) guinea pig per day

$6 per (Long haired) Guinea Pig per day


This includes: 


A Full health check each day of, Teeth, eyes, nails, general body condition.

An array of fresh grown vegetables, fruit, hay, and freshly picked grasses and dry food daily.

Cuddles, and several checks through-out the day.

The use of our secure and clean hutches or cages.

Supervised play time on the grass on nice days under shade.

             Daily grooming for long coated guinea pigs (Please bring your own brush).

Your pet will never come into direct contact with any other boarders, except the ones they are brought in with and live with at home.


Example of what fresh food your guinea pig will be fed during their stay.



What to bring with your Guinea Pig:


 Everything is provided for your guinea pig/s holiday, all dishes are washed and disinfected between use.

I have an array of plastic toys & Pigloos to keep your pets active.


All Boarders are kept indoors at night time in a fully secure LARGE cage as shown below.


Guinea Pigs must arrive in a pet carrier, preferably on a soft towel; your carrier will be stored here until pick up.

 Guinea Pigs are to be in a clean state, a bath prior to boarding with Fido's free itch shampoo is recommended and they must be free from visible signs of lice & mites, if lice/mites are present a fee of $20 will be charged for treatment.

 Any guinea pig showing signs of illness, injury, dirty bottom or pregnancy may be refused.

Payment is to be made in full at the time of drop off, no exceptions made.


Guinea Pig Grooming package $5.00 includes:


Why not have your little mate feel refreshed and feeling new after his/her holiday too?

Nails Clipped

Ivomectin treated (kills lice for 3 months) 

Loose hair brushed out and coat conditioner added




Essential for boars $10 includes


Boars need special cleaning  of their anus to ensure impaction does not occur, and their grease glands cleaned to remove build-up of naturally occurring oils, it is an un pleasant job but one that needs to be done regularly to ensure good health

Includes Nails cut & Ivermectin treated (Kills lice for 3 months)



Rabbit Guests


I will only be accepting a very small number of rabbits for boarding, the Department Of Primary Industries will be releasing the Calici virus State wide March (2012) and releasing a new strain in 2013-2014. There is NO vaccine available to cover this strain.

Rabbits need to have the vaccine as once exposed to the Calici virus it is 100% fatal to those who are not vaccinated.


The vaccine is not a 100% guarantee that your rabbit will survive if exposed to the virus but it is the best we can do with the limited support the government offers us.


Myxo is also rampant around much of the state and there is no vaccine for Myxo available in Australia.


Rabbits must come with proof of their vaccination and flea treatment, this needs to be done 1 month prior to boarding by a certified vet.

 I can take no responsibility for your rabbit coming into contact with Myxo or Calici Virus.

animated gifAll rabbits are boarded at their own risk.animated gif

All My own Rabbits are vaccinated against Calici.



$10 a night per rabbit

Rabbits have the option of one of our home made hutches ( They are for sale, made to order) 

 Or indoors if a house rabbit.

On Nice days play pens with shade and play tunnels are provided to all boarders.


My Experience


 I have owned Guinea Pigs and Rabbits for over 20 years and am very passionate about their care and well being, I have always wanted to offer a safe place for small animals to stay while their owners are away,Guinea Pigs and rabbits need more care than just a neighbour popping over once a day to quickly feed and water them ( Providing they don't forget!)


 My husband and I have had built a huge colour bond lockable shed, with glass sliding doors, opening windows, skylights and fly screens especially for our own guinea pigs, small rabbits and borders.


I Breed and show my rabbits and guinea pigs and have been a registered breeder of both for many years.


I have been an active member  of the Hobart Cavy Club for 8 years  and am also a current member of the Northern Tasmanian Cavy Club ,  I show my Cavy each month with great success, with many Best in Shows awarded.

I am also a current  member of Rabbit Breeders Association of Tasmania.


Show Cavy need to be specially prepared ( Groomed to a very high standard) and a very high level of nutrition fed.  Boarding guinea pigs will eat the same mix as my show cavy ( Unless own food is prefered)  whilst enjoying their stay and groomed with the same products that I use on my own show Cavy.


I have boarded both  cavy / rabbits for many years now with long standing regular clients. 

I have indoor and out door spaces available and all are locked at night or any time I am not at home.


To arrange a booking or inspection please phone Kay (Me) on 0409006046 


Boarders will never come into direct contact with any other animal staying except those that they are housed with at home